Dee was born & raised in ‘The Black Country’, West Midlands, where she still lives with her bass playing, sound engineer husband, Keith.
Her father had a passion for musicals and amateur dramatics, so it was no surprise that as soon as she could walk, she enrolled in the local dance school and continued until she was 19. This gave her a yearning to perform on a large stage.
Her change to vocalist came when her first husband (the drummer with The Joe Loss Orchestra) encouraged her to enter a talent competition at a local football club. She made it to the finals but unfortunately didn’t win! Her father offered to lend her the money for her first P.A. and so started a singing career in cabaret in 1996.
After meeting her second husband Keith in 2002, she teamed up with his best friend, Paul, to form
Back2Back – still at this time travelling the cabaret circuit all over the UK. Also at this time Dee & Keith formed a Shania Twain band called
‘Rock This Country! The Shania Twain Show’
Ray Lewis from Scrumpy Jack’s 49er’s Festival was at one of these shows and asked if the band did general country music too. Dee told him the band didn’t, but that she was part of a duo that did. He booked them to perform at his festival later that year (2006) and so the transition to country music began.
Dee not only performs solo, duo & trio, she also has an ALL LIVE 5 piece country band
Dee D. & The James Gang
All formats play
only country music, and are equally suitable for listening, line dancing or partner dancing venues.
Dee is happy to perform at any size venue, but particularly enjoys festivals where she can meet up with the many friends she has made from all around the country, especially when she is touring around with her caravan and can spend the night socialising after the gig!